20 January 2016

Plaza: An Archaeological Thriller


A 2016 Top Rated Read

By Shane M. Brown

Paperback 446 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (29th Dec 2012)
ISBN-13 978-1480293915

📕My Review

This book was right up my ally. A cracking tale of an archaeological dig full of thrills, spills and twists where the hunters become the hunted. This author is one to watch.

Barnsey's Books Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

📗The Blurb

THEIR FIRST MISTAKE was ever telling the world about the wonders they had found.

They should have kept it all a secret. If they’d kept it a secret, fewer people would have died. When archaeologists uncover the largest ancient safe in the world, the wrong kinds of people will show up: criminals, mercenaries, treasure hunters.

THEIR SECOND MISTAKE was opening it.

Why would an ancient culture devote three generations to build a giant stone safe? Why would they bury it so the jungle could hide it from the world? Why ritually sacrifice one hundred thousand people to ensure its secrecy?

THEIR LAST MISTAKE proved the biggest.

This last mistake hurt the most. Their last mistake was to assume that nothing had been left behind to keep guard.

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