18 April 2016

Winter Falls


By Eddie Skelson

Paperback 266 pages
Publisher Pandemic Press; 2 edition (7th Mar 2017)
ISBN-13 978-0995774803

📕My Review

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was good... really good. Innsmouth is a place which doesn't want to be found. You wont find it on any tourist map but if you do happen to come across it, you wont be leaving any time soon! For strange things happen in Innsmouth...

Barnsey's Books Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

📗The Blurb

The strange incidence of government and military action inside the remote New England town of Innsmouth in the 1920's is almost forgotten but a few years later an arrival to the Scottish town of Winter Falls brings with him the religion that was driven out of Innsmouth.

After a hundred years have passed time has eroded memories, recollections are vague or misplaced, sometimes deliberately so. Whatever happened at Innsmouth is now a forgotten thing.

Today, Joe Clarke feels as though he is being punished for being good at his job. Sent off to the north to recover missing data for his company's large NHS contract, Joe the London boy wants only to get into Glasgow, get the job done and to get out. But when things don't go his way Joe is inextricably drawn further in to the remote highlands of the region and the horror that awaits in a town that many think may not even exist.

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