Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Mall

by Bryant Delafosse

Science Fiction

ASIN B00879JP0C  ISBN-13 978-1481218238
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 355

My Review

I really enjoyed reading this. The idea of a shopping mall staffed by robots is kinda creepy! As you might expect, the robots turn rogue and a fight for survival trapped inside the mall ensues. An excellent book.

Rating 💗💗💗💗

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The Blurb

“At just under 8 million square feet and towering four stories, with one subterranean level for time-saving transport, the Mall of the Nation is home to 1600 stores and an additional three stories of residential apartments.

Boasting a 30 screen movie theatre, a five star resort-style hotel and two five star restaurants, the Mall is everything you ever wanted in one place.

You may never want to leave.”

When single mother Lara Myers finds herself suddenly homeless with her two children, she takes refuge for the night in the Mall of the Nation, a completely automated retail complex that never closes. When a catastrophic event occurs, the Mall is locked down, causing Lara to be separated from her ten-year-old son Owen.

Trapped and desperate, Lara enlists the aid of Simon whose job it is to maintain and repair the Mall’s army of Bots. Lara finds herself in a life and death struggle to save her family from homicidal and supernatural forces to which Simon may hold the key.

For they discover that they are not alone and that something does not want them to escape from….

The Mall

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