Thursday, 2 July 2015

Death Trance

by Graham Masterton


ASIN B01NAZBSQ0  ISBN-13 978-0722161241
Publisher Tor Books (paperback), Head of Zeus (kindle) 
Pages 432

My Review

Graham Masterton is the Master of Horror. I've been reading his books since I was a teenager at school in 1983. I first read Death Trance 29 years ago, so this was a re-read for me. It was just as good as I remembered and I highly recommend. Also, what a fantastic book cover! The full monty.

Rating 💗💗💗💗

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The Blurb

As president of one of Tennessee's largest companies, Randolph Clare is outraged when arsonists destroy one of his Memphis plants. But then his wife and children are savagely murdered. All thoughts of vengeance are drowned in his grief.

Desperate to see his loved ones again, if only to bid them farewell, he enlists the aid of an Indonesian physician who claims that he can help Randolph enter the world of the dead. But, the doctor warns, ravening demons wait for those who dare the voyage. Not only Randolph's life will be at stake, but the souls of his family.

And the demons will come...

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