Monday, 15 August 2016

Quantum Lens

by Douglas E. Richards

Science Fiction

New York Times Bestselling Author

ASIN B00NQBXS6I  ISBN-13 978-0692282342
Publisher Paragon Press
Pages 356

My Review

Rather 'wordy' and not enough action in my opinion. I thought it was a tad on the daft side but hey-ho, what a boring world it would be if we all thought the same way!

Rating 💗💗💗 

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The Blurb

Omar Haddad is a brutal jihadist in Syria who appears to be invulnerable and capable of supernatural feats. But is Haddad divine, as he claims? Is he a gifted magician? Or is he making use of a stunning scientific breakthrough? And what, exactly, is keeping him from unleashing the global apocalypse he’s so eager to bring about?

Brennan Craft, a quirky quantum physics genius, has the answers, and the US military is desperate to capture him. But when Craft risks everything to recruit a Black Ops researcher named Alyssa Aronson, it becomes clear he's playing a treacherous game of his own.

Hunted by both the military and Haddad, Craft and Alyssa race to find a way to keep the unstoppable jihadist in check. But there may not be any way. And Alyssa soon fears that Craft is becoming an even bigger threat to the world than Omar Haddad.

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