03 September 2016

The Jersey Devil


By Hunter Shea

Paperback 352 pages
Publisher Pinnacle Books, U.S. (30th Aug 2016)
ISBN-13 978-0786038879

📕My Review

The Willet family have carried the mark of the jersey devil for generations ever since grandfather Boompa Willet and wife Lauren encountered the beast during their early years. Thereafter, children born to Boompa and Lauren and their children's children have carried the mark of the devil. What is its significance and why have sightings of the devil increased in the Pine Barrens region of New Jersey? Why has it become intent on murder in the most repugnant fashion? Boompa and his family, together with cryptozoologist friend Norm, decide it's time to find out and finally rid the family of the devil forever.

The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea is a corker of a tale. The characters are well-rounded and believable and the pace kicks off nicely from page one. It reminds me of the horror books I read in the 80s. The story isn't padded-out with unnecessary dialogue and it hits the mark on thrills and spills. I highly recommend to all horror aficionados.

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Barnsey's Books Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

📗The Blurb


Everyone knows the legend of the Jersey Devil. Some believe it is an abomination of nature, a hybrid winged beast from hell that stalks the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey searching for prey. Others believe it is a hoax, a campfire story designed to scare children. But one man knows the truth...


Sixty years ago, Boompa Willet came face to face with the Devil—and lived to tell the tale. Now, the creature’s stomping grounds are alive once again with strange sightings, disappearances, and worse. After all these years, Boompa must return to the Barrens, not to prove the legend is real but to wipe it off the face of the earth...


It’ll take more than just courage to defeat the Devil. It will take four generations of the Willet clan, a lifetime of survivalist training, and all the firepower they can carry. But timing is critical. A summer music festival has attracted crowds of teenagers. The woods are filled with tender young prey. But this time, the Devil is not alone. The evil has grown into an unholy horde of mutant monstrosities. And hell has come home to New Jersey...

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