28 November 2016

The Last Resort


By Matt Drabble

Print Length 386 pages
Publisher Eden Publications (14th Jun 2016)

📕My Review

Normally zombie books aren't top of my reading list but I read this one based purely on the good reputation of author Matt Drabble. I'd previously read The Montague Portrait by Mr Drabble and thoroughly enjoyed it. This one was action-packed from start to finish and I'm sure zombie lovers will lap it up. Me? Well, as I mentioned, zombies aren't really my thing but it was worth reading just for the thrill factor alone.

Barnsey's Books Rating ⭐⭐⭐

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📗The Blurb

The Paradise Resort is the ultimate in exclusive luxury island resorts. A private haven for only those deemed worthy enough to attend.

Landon Verger is a titan of industry, a man who casts a long dark shadow and founder of Paradise. The resort's opening weekend should have been a celebration of wealth and excess, but without warning the resort has gone silent.

Sam Verger knows his father only too well; the great man casts a long and dark shadow. He also knows that Landon Verger's enemy list is long and varied, any one of which would love to see his father dead.

Sam seeks to employ a professional to investigate the island, Mac is one such woman. An ex-military officer she works dirty jobs and doesn't ask questions if the money's right. With her like-minded team they travel to Paradise.

Mac thought she'd seen everything that death had to offer, she was wrong. What started out as a simple mission will quickly become the most desperate fight for survival she's ever faced. There's only one thing that she's sure of, not everyone is getting out alive.

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