30 December 2016

The Apocalypse Fire (Ava Curzon Trilogy #2)

Action & Adventure

A 2016 Top Rated Read

By Dominic Selwood

Paperback 384 pages
Publisher Corax (31st Oct 2016)
ISBN-13 978-0992633271

📕My Review

What a fantastic book. A huge amount of research and knowledge must have gone into its creation and what a rip-roaring page-turner it is! This is the second book in a trilogy but works equally well as a stand-alone. The characters and their backgrounds are fully explained so readers, like myself, who haven't yet read the first book, are not at a disadvantage. This book is definitely among the cream of the crop in its genre and well worth seeking out.

My thanks to author Dominic Selwood for providing a copy of this book.

Barnsey's Books Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

📗The Blurb

Dr Ava Curzon returns in the breathtaking sequel to bestselling thriller The Sword of Moses.

When the Turin Shroud is stolen in a violent assault, archaeologist and former spy Ava Curzon is plunged into a desperate struggle against an apocalyptic Russian cult. Recruited by the UK’s clandestine MI13 intelligence agency – and aided by the Vatican’s security division and her former colleague Ferguson – Ava is sucked into a world of dark extremism and Biblical secrets.

As the chase catapults her around Europe, she must unravel the mysteries of an ancient icon belonging to the shadowy Order of Malta.

With time running out, and war in the Middle East the price of failure, the world stands on the brink…

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