15 April 2017


Science Fiction

By Marci Giebels

Paperback 250 pages
Publisher Not available (11th Jan 2017)
ISBN-13 978-0692829912

📕My Review

What if you could buy a talent as you would a commodity? What if you possess a talent and want to sell? That's where the Davis Agency comes in - brokers of talent; selling to the highest bidder, secretively on the Dark Web. Should you refuse to surrender a talent, the Davis Agency will track you down and mercilessly take what they want. 

Legacy by Marci Giebels is based upon the assumption that talent can be extracted and transferred using the owner's genome. I thought it was both highly original and well constructed. The plot was kept moderately lightweight by avoiding any long-winded scientific explanations and I felt this was in keeping with the overall ambiance of the book. The main characters were professionally developed through the telling of their backstories and each was genuinely intriguing and unusual. Overall, an enjoyable story which can be read in just a few sittings.

My thanks to author Marci Giebels for providing a copy of this book.

Barnsey's Books Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

📗The Blurb

If you weren't born with the talent, The Davis Agency can get it for you. Brokers recruit individuals with desirable abilities and auction their skills to the highest bidders on the Dark Web. If targets refuse to give up what makes them exceptional, they are relentlessly hunted. Mauro Giordano is one of the hunted.

They offered him millions then threatened his life, but Mauro fought to the death to defend himself. Now in hiding, he tracks the agency waiting for the chance to expose Davis. When Mauro uncovers the identity of a young boy in Davis's sights, he is compelled to intervene. Mauro lures Davis into the open, hoping to stop the black market agency by removing its leader.

Doing so could save a teenage musician desperate to cure his terminally ill mother, an aimless Harvard grad with an immeasurable IQ, and a renowned contemporary artist.

Mauro has a partner and a plan. Davis has a multifaceted worldwide network. The outcome seems predestined, but everyone has a weakness.

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