31 July 2017

The Big Catch

Action & Adventure

By Richard Allan

Paperback 324 pages
Publisher Independently published (3rd Mar 2017)
ISBN-13 978-1520741321

📕My Review

This book left me somewhat confused. At times it felt as if I was reading the menu from my local Harvester restaurant instead of a book about a drug cartel! I really didn't think it necessary to dwell quite so much on what everyone was eating and drinking. It served no purpose except to add extra padding to a story that would have worked far better without.

The dialogue was extremely 'clumpy' and didn't flow naturally. Plus, I felt no empathy towards any of the characters, most of whom had nicknames that were just plain silly. The book could certainly benefit from a further edit to correct the proliferation of commas and apostrophes used in incorrect places and also words in italics I could see no reason for.

I so much wanted to enjoy this book but unfortunately I'd have to rate it as just ok.

My thanks to author Richard Allan for providing a copy of this book.

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📗The Blurb

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball - and what we think is a "Godsend" such as winning the lottery or finding buried treasure can actually have a big catch to it and turn out to be a living hell nightmare. Having the misfortune to come across $1.6 million dollars, that was floating in the sea after a collision between a luxury fishing yacht and a Narco-submarine, belonging to the ruthless Colombian Drug Cartel - Jack Tanner decides not to turn the contraband into the DEA or the local police authorities and automatically faces a mandatory 10 year prison sentence for just opening the waterproof package, and he will receive the death sentence if & when the rightful owners track their merchandise down to him...

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