06 August 2017

Little Treasures


By M.J. Moore

Paperback 204 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing (20th Mar 2016)
ISBN-13 978-1502711700

📕My Review

Adopted as a child, Chloe discovers she's the last living descendant of the Thomas lineage and inherits the family house. Although in need of renovation, it's worth a fortune. While searching through its contents, she finds a box containing personal family items and immediately feels a strong connection to the people who once owned them.

This was a genuinely enjoyable read. The author certainly knows how to write a good, character-driven story. The family history unfolds through flashbacks centered around the items in the box discovered by Chloe; and what a tangled, tragic and absorbing history it is! By the end, I felt as though I'd been a privileged witness to madness.

My thanks to author M.J. Moore for providing a copy of this book.

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📗The Blurb

The Thomas's were an average, upper-class family - three lovely girls, a little boy who always seemed to be in trouble, a father lost to war, and a mother doing her best to uphold the family name in his absence. Their hilltop home was handed down for generations, and was filled with all the usual knick knacks every family accumulates with each new generation.

Years later, a young woman searching for her own family discovers she is the last remaining descendent of the Thomas's, and that she has inherited the house with the breathtaking ocean view. When she stumbles upon a box full of her lost family's belongings - little things only she could appreciate - she is enchanted.

But families collect stories, too, and the tales these little treasures have to tell will reveal a family that began tearing itself apart the night little Stanley Thomas died, with each tale more gruesome than the last.

It's the horror you inherit that haunts you.

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