December 06, 2017

Love is Rich in Both Honey and Venom

⭐A 2017 Top Rated Read⭐

By Axel Kruze

Kobo eBook 237 pages
Publisher Axel Kruze
ISBN-13 978-0984268511

๐Ÿ“•My Review

When sassy and confident Sophie Wilde is interviewed by geeky IT expert Hank Johnson for the position of Account Manager, she feels an instant attraction. Despite him being twice her age and a virgin to boot, she sets out to stake her claim. It later comes to her attention that Hank made shrewd investments as a child in IT start-ups Intel, Microsoft, Apple and Google and despite his nerdy outwardly appearance, he's secretly loaded. Their romance leads to marriage and their marriage leads to a deadly agreement based upon betrayal and revenge. 

This is an excellent psychological crime-thriller with a difference! The reader feels an underlying sense of unease right from the start and it's difficult to predict exactly where the story's going - which is precisely why it's deliciously good. 

Sophie and Hank are both complicated people with dysfunctional pasts. Sophie experienced a difficult childhood, for which she blames her mother, and Hank's conception led to the suicide of the father he never knew. Both have become successful in adulthood - Sophie is beautiful, intelligent but manipulative; Hank is wealthy-beyond-dreams, self-effacing but socially awkward. However, who is pulling the strings - Sophie with her conniving and contriving or introverted and socially inept Hank? And could a Premarital Agreement justify murder?  

I was totally engrossed in this book and the unusual direction it took. The further I read, the more tangled it became and WOW, what a climax - the final paragraph was excellent. With so many twists and turns, this one's heading straight for my Best Reads of 2017 list.

My thanks to author Axel Kruze for providing a copy of this book.

Barnsey's Books Rating 

๐Ÿ“—The Blurb

Could a Premarital Agreement justify murder?
That is the story of Sophie and Hank.
Sophie and Hank had polar opposite upbringings.
But serendipity brought them together.
Then they discovered that oil and water don't mix. 
And one murdered the other in a violent and revenge laden Crime of Passion. 
But murder isn't murder till it's proven in court, right?

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