02 December 2017



A 2017 Top Rated Read

By Adam Hamdy

Paperback 496 pages
Publisher Headline (9th Mar 2017)
ISBN-13 978-1472233479

'James Patterson calls it "one of the best thrillers of the year", and it is plain to see why...told at a great pace, has a strong central character and a snaking plot.' Daily Mail

📕My Review

When photojournalist John Wallace is attacked and almost hung in his own home, the police don't believe his story. They're convinced it was a failed suicide attempt. Wallace is sectioned and placed into psychiatric care, where a further attempt on his life is made. Wallace manages to fight-off his would-be killer and escapes the psych ward but is convinced his attacker won't give up until he's dead.

He reaches out to ex-girlfriend Connie and together they discover other similar deaths-by-hanging that have been ruled suicides and terrifyingly, they all bear a striking resemblance to his own situation. Now convinced he's in imminent danger once again, Wallace and Connie delve into the backgrounds of the other victims but are frustratingly unable to find a link. Wallace follows the trail to America but the 'Pendulum Killer' remains one step ahead. Who is he and what is his connection to Wallace? Can Wallace stay alive long enough to find the answers he so desperately needs and bring the killer to justice?

What a rip-roaring ride this is! The reader is thrust straight into the action in the opening chapter and from then on it's GO, GO, GO at 100mph! John Wallace is a bit of a sorry character. He's trying to pick up the pieces of his life, move forward and lay the past to rest. He still dearly loves ex-girlfriend Connie but knows he's messed it up for good. When events push them together once more, he grabs the opportunity for a second chance. He desperately wants a future with Connie, and she with him, but can he stay alive long enough to make it happen? 

I was sitting on the edge of my seat with trepidation trying to work out the connection between Wallace and the other victims. The author certainly has a flair for keeping the reader guessing. Yes, it's all a bit unlikely - but this isn't real life, this is entertainment baby! It's thrills and spills at its very best. I experienced every emotion and loved every second of it. If you like no holds barred full-on action from beginning to end, I recommend you read this book - like NOW!

I received an Advance Reader Copy. My thanks to Adam Hamdy, NetGalley and Headline.

Barnsey's Books Rating 

📗The Blurb

You wake. Confused. Disorientated. A noose is round your neck. You are bound, standing on a chair. All you can focus on is the man in the mask tightening the rope. You are about to die.

John Wallace has no idea why he has been targeted. No idea who his attacker is. No idea how he will prevent the inevitable. 

Then the pendulum of fate swings in his favour. He has one chance to escape, find the truth and halt his destruction. The momentum is in his favour for now. But with a killer on his tail, everything can change with one swing of this deadly pendulum...

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