15 February 2018

Schism: A Detective Mike Eiser Novel


By Clabe Polk

Paperback 340 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing (21st Nov 2017)
ISBN-13 978-1979276535

📕My Review

'Mad Dog' Lincoln is suspected of being an informant by his gang, the Raven's Claws. He's banished to Poplar Bluffs where he attempts to establish a new gang chapter. Fifteen-year-old Quinton Thomas is initially keen to join but soon realises he's out of his depth. However, Mad Dog wont let him go and uses intimidation and violence to ensure Quinton becomes a member.

Although very well-written, I thought Schism was a little too simplistic. The violence and intimidation lacked real-world brutality. That said, with one or two tweaks i.e. the 'incident' with Quinton's mother and the Reverend Hollaway (which may or may not be seen as unsuitable), this would make an excellent (Older) Young Adult novel. I'm sure this age group would find it an exciting read and be able to empathise with Quinton and his elder brother Jimmy.

Being British, I found it difficult to follow the local dialect. Whilst I'm sure it's authentic, it's not something I have personally ever experienced in life. It was a relief when someone actually spoke proper English! It just didn't seem to transcribe very well in my (British) opinion and I struggled with it.

The story flowed well and the pacing was perfect for a book of this length. I thought the characters were somewhat two dimensional and I had the feeling I was watching the action play out through rose tinted spectacles. Should this book be aimed towards a younger market, I think it would be very positively received and I would have no hesitation recommending it.

My thanks to author Clabe Polk for providing me with a copy of this book.

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📗The Blurb

Kathryn Addison Thomas, “Kat”, is a survivor of Atlanta’s Bowen Homes Projects and nobody messes with her sons…especially gang members bent on recruiting them.

So, when Milton Davis “Mad Dog” Lincoln is banished by the leadership of his street gang, The Raven’s Claws, as a suspected federal informant, he tries to start a new chapter of the Claws in Poplar Bluffs. His first recruit, Quinton Thomas, wants to be a Claw, but sees Mad Dog for what he is, an obsessive , violent user of others to achieve his own ends. To that end, Mad Dog subjects Quinton, his brother, his girlfriend, and his other friends, even other gang members, to fear, intimidation, injury and even death attempting to intimidate Quinton into joining.

It’s up to Detective Mike Eiser to sort out Mad Dog’s agenda, but because of fear, and because Mad Dog uses his gang members to commit chargeable crimes for him, Eiser is limited to charging Mad Dog with petty crimes, at least for a while.

When Mad Dog’s federal management team decides to use Mad Dog’s contact with a North Korean agent-provocateur to sell guns illegally for themselves, Mad Dog responds with multiple double-crosses, and a desperate plan to take the money and run. However, his desperate plan runs head-long into a showdown with Detective Eiser and the Jericho County Sheriff’s Office.

Literally crawling out of a disastrous confrontation, Mad Dog makes a last run at revenge against Quinton Thomas for rejecting him and the Raven’s Claws…with completely unpredictable results. But then, Kat Thomas is a survivor, and nobody messes with her sons…especially gang members bent on recruiting them…and, something hidden in Kat’s background may help Quinton even more.

📘The Author

Hi folks...I'm into a second career as a fiction author. After more than thirty-seven years of professional managerial experience, scientific background, and a lifetime of practical skills, my love of reading, research and writing has combined into action stories about real people told in a tongue-in-cheek style. 

Besides writing, I love to review for other authors when I have time. Their creativity is always amazing!

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Action Actor 625 said...

Thank you for your fine review of SCHISM. I appreciate your thoughts. While I didn't write SCHISM to be a YA novel, I have been told by others that it could have been aimed toward a younger audience, so your comments seemed right on the money. I strive to write books that are different from the norm, and SCHISM (and the whole series)are a bit outside the ordinary. Thank you for struggling through the street-gang Ebonics!