21 April 2018

Cross Her Heart

Psychological Thriller

By Sarah Pinborough

Paperback 352 pages
Publisher HarperCollins (21st Feb 2019)
ISBN-13 978-0008132040

‘Cross Her Heart is about three interesting women and some nasty men. To say more would reveal a powerful plot.’ The Times

📕My Review

Lisa, a single mother, is living with 16-year-old daughter Ava. Ava is at that rebellious age and feels smothered by her mother. She longs for more independence and to be treated as an adult. But Lisa has good reason to keep a watchful eye over her daughter - Lisa has a secret past; a past that needs to remain buried. When strange coincidences begin to occur, Lisa is terrified her past is catching up. Someone knows the truth and is going to make her pay.

Cross Her Heart is a very well constructed and executed psychological thriller. Without spoiling the plot, I couldn't help but compare it to a notoriously heartbreaking real-life tragedy which occurred in Britain 25 years ago. It's one of those books that slowly draws you in. The tension builds until you have to know how it's all going to end.

Lisa is excellently portrayed. She's a damaged soul who has successfully rebuilt her life. She has a nice home, a good career, a loyal best friend and a wealthy man interested in her romantically. Yet her past is always there; a constant reminder of her guilt and who she once was.

The book's pacing is bang on the money and I loved how the dual timeline of 'then' and 'now' fitted seamlessly together; each giving the reader snippets information to keep the suspense gradually mounting. The ending pulled all loose ends together but wasn't entirely unpredictable.

Overall, it was a very good read and has made me want to seek out more books by this author.

I received an Advance Reader Copy. My thanks to Sarah Pinborough, NetGalley and HarperCollins.

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📗The Blurb


Is it Lisa?

Haunted by a tragic past, all Lisa wants is a quiet life with her daughter, Ava. And when she meets a new man, things seem to be falling into place. But Lisa is hiding a secret so momentous it could shatter her entire world…

Is it Ava?

When sixteen-year-old Ava saves a young boy’s life, she becomes a local hero. But never in a million years could she have anticipated the fallout of her actions…

Is it Marilyn?

Marilyn has the perfect life. Her husband, her job, her house—she seems to have it all. But she could never admit to her best friend Lisa the lies she tells herself to get through the day…

One moment will change these three women’s lives forever. And the secrets they’ve been keeping could destroy them all.

📘The Author

Sarah Pinborough is the NYT bestselling and Sunday Times #1 Bestselling author of 'Behind Her Eyes' which has sold in over 25 territories thus far and is in development for television with Left Bank productions. She has also written books across a variety of genres including the YA thriller 13 Minutes (in development with Netflix). Her next novel 'Cross Her Heart' comes out from HarperFiction in the UK in May 2018 and from WilliamMorrow in the US in September 2018.

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