29 July 2019

Singapore Ghost (Ash Carter #4)

Photo of the book cover of Singapore Ghost by Murray Bailey
War & Military
Historical Fiction

By Murray Bailey

Paperback 368 pages
Publisher Heritage Books (31st July 2019)

📕My Review

Set in the 1950s, ex-British Military Police detective Ash Carter is in Penang overseeing journalist Hannah Quinn of the Manchester Guardian who is reporting on ghost sightings at Minden Barracks. He's also investigating the suspicious death of Corporal John Tanner, killed by a fatal gunshot wound to the head. At first believed to be a freak accident or suicide, both assumptions are now looking unlikely. Carter is tasked with getting to the bottom of exactly what's going on. 

Despite being the fourth book in the Ash Carter series, Singapore Ghost is the first I've read. I'm not normally a fan of jumping in part way through a series but this book worked well due to the author's brief, yet comprehensive, summary of the necessary facts.

I really enjoyed the 1950s setting in Penang, Malaysia. The descriptions felt authentic and were a pleasure to read. Also, it was refreshing to read a book set in a period of time where new technology and gadgets didn't feature.

Ash Carter is a believable, fully developed character of considerable substance; Hannah Quinn not quite so much. If I had to be slightly critical (and I do hate being picky), it would be that there was rather a lot going on in this book. That being said, it was a fast-paced exciting story full of intrigue and adventure. I very much enjoyed reading it. 

Book Source: Review copy from the author
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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📗The Blurb

Ash Carter is in Penang on a job that seems beneath him: babysit a newspaper reporter. She's investigating ghost stories at the barracks but it's Carter's past that is back to haunt him.

Returning to Singapore he finds himself caught up with a Chinese Secret Society. It's not Andrew Yipp's and Carter finds himself beholden to the leader, Chen Guan Xi. Chen wants to remove his big rival without a turf war and he wants Carter to do it for him.

However Yipp and Carter have so far had a good relationship. But when investigations on behalf of the gorgeous Su Ling uncover Yipp's wicked actions, Carter's attitude changes.

Stuck between the two criminal organisations, Ash Carter must find a solution and put the ghosts to rest.

📘The Author

By day, Murray Bailey is an international Risk consultant. But in his spare time, he has written several crime thriller novels, of which the first to be published was the start of the "Dare You" series. 2017 saw the start of a new series based in Singapore staring Ash Carter. His interest in ancient Egypt resulted in the book Map of the Dead and the sequel, Secrets of the Dead due for release autumn 2018.

Born in Manchester, England, Murray now lives on the South Coast with his wife and family.

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