12 September 2019

Certain Danger


By F.R. Jameson

Paperback 160 pages
Publisher Independently published (14th Jun 2019)

📕My Review

Certain Danger by F.R. Jameson is an intriguing little novella. Quick and easy to read, it immediately grabs your attention and keeps you gripped.

The second story in an anthology entitled Ghostly Shadows, it begins with an horrific car crash that tragically claims the lives of two young people. Witness to the accident, Alice begins to recall deeply buried childhood memories which lead her to the mysterious Butterfly Clinic, in the Surrey Hills, in search of answers. Why can she remember a dead boy in the woods and a strange presence encompassing her? What has she been running from for all her life?

Weirdly enjoyable and just about long enough to get my teeth into, I was pleasantly surprised by this excellent novella. I've made no bones of the fact that I'm not a big fan of anything less than a full-length book, but once in a while you come across a little gem and this is exactly what happened here.

I felt the story got a bit too bizarre (even for me!) when the walls started moving. I don't want to give away spoilers so I wont say any more. Overall it was a solid read and worthy of a place on anyone's bookshelf or e-reader. 

Book Source: Review copy from the author
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

📗The Blurb

What are those voices from the past? And why are they screaming at her? 

It all started when she witnessed a car crash. A brutal smash which left a gorgeous young couple dead. But for Alice, it reawakened strange memories of childhood: a sinister old house, a dead boy in the woods and an other-worldly power lurking forever in the darkness. Desperate to make sense of the bizarre pictures in her mind, Alice's enquires lead her to a hidden away clinic in the Surrey Hills. Within those walls though, are the terrifying secrets she's been running from her whole life.Now, for Alice, the truth could not only break apart her sanity, it could destroy the whole world...

📘The Author

Photo of author F.R. Jameson
F.R. Jameson was born in Wales, but now lives in London with his wife and young daughter. He writes both historical thrillers and supernatural thrillers.

His books are, at the moment, mostly sorted into two different - but complimentary - series. The first, 'Screen Siren Noir', currently comprises of three novels: 'Diana Christmas', 'Eden St. Michel' and 'Alice Rackham'. All of which tell the stories of beautiful British film stars caught up in Noir tales of blackmail, obsession, scandal and death. He is currently working on both the fourth and fifth books in the series.

The second series is more disturbing and scary, and lives under the moniker: 'Ghostly Shadows'. There are four novellas published: 'Death at the Seaside', 'Certain Danger', 'Won't You Come and Save Me, Oh Soldier' and 'Call of the Mandrake'. Each book is its own disturbing piece of brilliant British horror.

He is claustrophobic and has a grave aversion to olives, but in real life is probably not as dark and twisted as his fiction would lead you to believe.

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