21 October 2020

The Deep


By Nick Cutter

My Review

A 2020 Top Rated Read

Whoa, this book was majorly dark and creepy. With Halloween fast approaching I needed some terror in my life (doesn't everyone?). Well, let me tell it how it is — this book filled the brief above and beyond. An incredibly claustrophobic, suffocating read.

Eight miles beneath the ocean, deep inside the Mariana Trench, a research lab has been established to study a substance known as ambrosia. It's thought to be a miracle cure for the plague that's currently decimating the global population. However, all contact with the research team has been lost. Dr Luke Nelson agrees to descend into the murky depths to discover why communications have been severed and what has happened to his brother, a gifted scientist working on the project. 

I thought this book was amazing! I was scared to death and gripped. As the reader accompanies Luke on his descent into the unknown, we're given an insight into the past through a series of flashbacks. This worked exceptionally well and kept the tension mounting. 

The author's writing evoked a sense of creeping terror; its tentacles reaching into the farthest psyche of the human mind. It's unrelenting, suffocating and VERY disturbing. I loved absolutely everything about it! A top rated read of 2020.        

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My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Headline (8th Oct 2015)

The Blurb

A plague is destroying the world's population. The 'Gets makes people forget. First it's the small things, like where you left your keys ... then the not-so-small things, like how to drive. And finally your body forgets how to live.

But now an unknown substance with extraordinary power to heal has been discovered in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed ambrosia, it might just be the miracle cure the world has been praying for.

A research lab has been established eight miles below the sea's surface, but all contact with the team has been lost. Dr Luke Nelson's brother is down there and as desperation for a cure outweighs common sense, he agrees to descend through the lightless fathoms ... perhaps to face an evil blacker than anything he could have imagined.

The Author

Craig Davidson is a Canadian author of short stories and novels, who has published work under both his own name and the pen names Patrick Lestewka and Nick Cutter. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, and raised in Calgary and St. Catharines.

His first short story collection, Rust and Bone, was later published in September 2005 and was a finalist for the 2006 Danuta Gleed Literary Award. Stories in Rust and Bone have also been adapted into a play by Australian playwright Caleb Lewis and a film by French director Jacques Audiard.

Davidson also released a novel in 2007 named The Fighter. During the course of his research of the novel, Davidson went on a 16-week steroid cycle. To promote the release of the novel, Davidson participated in a fully sanctioned boxing match against Toronto poet Michael Knox at Florida Jack's Boxing Gym; for the novel's subsequent release in the United States, his publisher organized a similar promotional boxing match against Jonathan Ames. Davidson lost both matches.

His 2013 novel Cataract City was named as a shortlisted nominee for the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

In addition to his literary fiction, Davidson has also published several works of horror literature using the pseudonyms Patrick Lestewka and Nick Cutter.

He currently resides in Toronto with his partner, Colleen, and their child.

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