20 November 2020

Harry's Revenge


By Andy Wiseman
Crime | Thriller

My Review

Harry's Revenge is the second book in the Harry Windsor series. Having read and enjoyed the previous book, Harry's Justice, in 2017, I was looking forward to seeing how the author would progress Harry's story. 

Leaving his life of crime behind, Ex-gangland enforcer Harry Windsor is trying to keep on the straight and narrow. But when old friend Sal is attacked and brutally murdered, Harry is hell-bent on revenge. And when Harry's on a mission you just know it's going to get messy! 

I really enjoyed Harry's Revenge and thought it was a fast-paced excellent follow-up to Harry's Justice. Despite his hardman image, Harry has a softer side which is portrayed through his relationship with brother Steve, a police officer, and friend Izzy, an investigative reporter — both of whom help in the search for Sal's killers. Harry is fiercely loyal and often finds himself in scrapes defending those he holds dear. 

There's a fair amount of violence contained within the pages but justifiably so. With plenty of plot twists and some humorous moments to lighten the mood, Harry's Revenge was an action-packed read.    

Book Source: Review copy from the author
My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Print length: 283 pages
Genre: Crime, Thriller

The Blurb

Harry Windsor, an ex-London gangland enforcer and ex-convict, is now trying to lead a normal life by doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

But Harry is anything but normal, he’s a complex man with a troubled past. And while he doesn’t look for trouble, it finds him. So when a close friend is brutally murdered by a group of ex-soldiers seeking revenge for being jailed, his life also becomes one of revenge.

But the soldiers are well trained and well-armed, their battlefield skills against Harry’s streetwise savvy. Will a war of revenge break out on the streets of London? And if so, who will win?

The Author

Andy Wiseman is a fifty-something-year-old who, since a boy, has harboured a desire to be an author, occasionally dabbling with some success, yet never taking that final step, maybe due to lack of confidence and/or where he was brought up because back then, writing wasn't considered a "proper job". Now, finally, to use one of his father's favourite phrases, he's "pulled his finger out" and produced Harry's Justice, and to critical acclaim from those who have so far read it. Andy says the one big advantage of starting late is that he has plenty of life experiences to draw on.

Andy lives in Lincolnshire, in the UK, with his partner, Sue, and their two rescue cats. Andy is currently promoting his latest book, Harry's Revenge, the follow-up to Harry's Justice.

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