08 April 2021

Missing Pieces


By Tim Weaver
Thriller | Crime

My Review

Rebekah Murphy accompanies her brother Johnny on an October day trip to Crow Island; three hours by ferry from the mainland. Johnny is writing a book and needs to do research there. Rebekah thinks it will be the perfect opportunity for some sibling bonding. Little does she know what awaits them.

Injured, separated from her brother and left for dead, Rebekah regains consciousness to discover she's completely alone. The deserted island has closed for winter and the last ferry home is long gone. With so many unanswered questions and no means of calling for rescue, Rebekah faces the grim reality of her situation — she hasn't told anyone where she is so how can she be found? A sense of dread washes over her — she knows the island won't reopen for another five months. 

The story unfolds through dual timelines of 'before' and 'now' which fit seamlessly together. As with the author's previous books, Missing Pieces is a perfectly paced read with an addictive mystery that keeps the reader fully engaged throughout. The tension-filled claustrophobic atmosphere is palpable as Rebekah searches for answers and struggles to survive on the island alone. 

This book is an excellent addition to author Tim Weaver's growing body of work. I enjoyed it immensely and thought it was a fantastic deviation from his David Raker series. It does require suspension of disbelief on more than one occasion but the unexpected twists and turns more than compensate and are extremely gratifying. I was swept up, taken to another place and couldn't put the book down until I reached the final page.                

Book Source: Review copy from the publisher
My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hardcover: 512 pages
Publisher: Michael Joseph (15th April 2021)
ISBN-13: 978-0241418734

The Blurb

Rebekah Murphy knows too much . . .

She knows she's alone on an abandoned island with a killer on her trail.
She knows that to get home, she must live to understand why this is happening.
She knows someone tried to kill her for a secret.

What she doesn't know is what that secret is . . .

Detective Frank Travis doesn't know enough . . .

He doesn't know where to find Louise Mason.
He doesn't know how and why she vanished into thin air three months ago.
He doesn't know the identity of the man last seen talking to her.

What he does know is that he retires in one week - and if he doesn't find out where Louise went, no one will . . .

What neither Rebekah nor Detective Travis realize is that each holds a missing piece from the same puzzle - and it will cost them everything to finally solve it . . .

The Author

Tim Weaver is the Sunday Times bestselling author of the David Raker Missing Persons series. He has been nominated for a National Book Award, selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club, and shortlisted for the Crime Writers' Association Dagger in the Library award, which considers an author's entire body of work. 

He is also the host and producer of the chart-topping Missing podcast, which features experts in the field discussing missing persons investigations from every angle. A former journalist and magazine editor, he lives near Bath with his wife and daughter.

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