12 August 2021

The Heights

By Louise Candlish
Psychological Thriller

My Review

Ellen Saint is writing a novel. It's the true story of what happened when troubled teenager Kieran Watts entered her family's lives and destroyed everything she held dear.

Not having read any of the author's earlier novels, I was looking forward to getting stuck into this one. Although I thought the story was good and contained all the elements of a fantastic psychological thriller, I felt it fell a little flat. I struggled to like or connect with any of the characters, which is always something I look for in a great story.     

Based around themes of love, loss and retribution, the plot was good but lacked the unexpected twists and turns I've come to expect from this genre. I wouldn't say it was predictable but it didn't make me gasp in surprise. I so much wanted to like it more than I did.  

Book Source: Review copy from the publisher
My Rating ⭐⭐⭐

Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: ‎Simon & Schuster UK (28th April 2022)

The Blurb

He thinks he’s safe up there.
But he’ll never be safe from you.

The Heights is a tall, slender apartment building among the warehouses of Shad Thames, its roof terrace so discreet you wouldn’t know it existed if you weren't standing at the window of the flat directly opposite. But you are. And that’s when you see a man up there – a man you’d recognize anywhere. He’s older now and his appearance has subtly changed, but it’s definitely him.

Which makes no sense at all since you know he has been dead for over two years.

You know this for a fact.

Because you’re the one who killed him.

The Author

Louise Candlish is a British novelist, best known for psychological, domestic thrillers. 

After studying English at University College London, Candlish worked in various areas of the publishing industry, from editing illustrated books to copywriting. Her first few publications were romance and family saga novels, but she scored bestselling success with a spate of psychological thrillers set around the threat to home and family. 

Starting with The Second Husband in 2008, Candlish has gone on to pen six more novels in this vein.

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