16 November 2021

The Shadow People


By Graham Masterton

My Review

A 2021 Top Rated Read

DS Jamila Patel and DC Jerry Pardoe are called to an abandoned carpet factory in London where a demolition team have discovered two shopping trolleys full of barbecued body parts, eek! Further investigation reveals a wall painting of an elongated figure with a horned goat's head and a naked human body.

Patel and Pardoe link the grisly discovery to a sacrificial cannibalistic cult operating out of derelict buildings. People are being snatched off the streets, dismembered, cooked and eaten. Will Patel and Pardoe be able to put a stop to their ghastly dinnertime antics or will they be next on the menu?

This is Patel and Pardoe's third investigation, and what a great story it is! I've been reading Masterton's horror novels since the mid-1980s and he's my go-to guy for anything demonic and chilling.

This book is extremely gory with body parts being hacked off, roasted and consumed with gusto. It's all very yucky but WOW, it's imaginative, original and exceptionally weird ('weird' in a good way!). I loved the lighter moments of British humour which nicely counterbalanced the more macabre scenes.

Definitely not for the easily creeped out or faint-hearted, this is a super read and a fantastic addition to the series. Masterton is at the top of his game.

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My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐        

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Head of Zeus (4th Aug 2022)
ISBN-13: 978-1800243385

The Blurb

The smell of roasting meat alerts police to squatters in an abandoned London factory. But when they arrive, the place is empty... except for a gruesome pile of scorched human heads.

DS Jamila Patel and DC Jerry Pardoe have solved bizarre crimes before, but nothing as spooky as this. Arcane markings on the factory wall lead them to a terrifying cult in thrall to a Neolithic god. A god who demands the ultimate sacrifice from his followers.

Now Londoners are being abducted off the city streets, to be mutilated, roasted and eaten. Can Patel and Pardoe save the next victim from this hideous fate? Or will they themselves become a human sacrifice?

The Author, Graham Masterton

GRAHAM MASTERTON was born in Edinburgh in 1946, and at the age of 17 he joined his local newspaper as a junior reporter. He was appointed deputy editor of Mayfair at the age of 21, and at 24 he became executive editor of Penthouse. After leaving Penthouse, he wrote The Manitou, a horror novel that became his first bestseller and was adapted into a film starring Tony Curtis.

Graham spent twenty-five years as one of the world's bestselling horror authors before he turned his talent to crime writing. Inspired by the five years in which he and his late wife lived in Cork, he created a series of novels featuring Katie Maguire, the first female superintendent in the Irish police force. The first book in the Katie Maguire series, White Bones, was published by Head of Zeus in 2012 and became a top-ten bestseller. Graham continues to write thrillers and horror novels alongside the Katie Maguire crime series, which has now sold over a million copies worldwide.

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