20 February 2022

The Killing Crew

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By Murray Bailey
Crime | Thriller | War & Military | Historical Fiction

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A 2022 Top Rated Read

I'm delighted to be on the Blog Tour today for The Killing Crew by Murray Bailey.

In the second prequel to this excellent series, Military Police investigator Ash Carter is in Israel. It's 1948 and he's tasked with tracking down a group of British Army deserters, collectively known as the Killing Crew. Set against an increasingly volatile political backdrop where the British are perceived by many as the enemy, Carter's mission is fraught with danger.

Having now read several Ash Carter books, I'm always astonished by how thoroughly researched they are. The attention to detail and sense of time and place is superb. As the action kicks off, the twists and turns are plentiful. Unsure who he can trust, Carter is thrown headfirst into the thick of things as danger lurks around every corner.

I've always enjoyed books which combine real-life history with fictional people and this series does it fantastically. Characters are fully developed with interesting backstories. The action is fast-paced; the plot insightful and gripping. In my opinion it's a must-read series that just keeps getting better and better. A thoroughly enjoyable page-turning read from an author at the top of his game. 

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My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kindle Edition: 301 pages
Publishing Date: 1st March 2022
ASIN: B0971C9XL4

The Blurb

Ash Carter and Bill Wolfe are in Israel hunting a group of British Army deserters known as the Killing Crew. Some people think they were a myth, others believe they were the most hated of British soldiers.

In the newly formed state that’s at war with the Arab nations, hated by Jews and despised by Arabs, the two SIB officers think they face an uncomfortable task.

But when they become targets they realise this is more than just a job. It’s life or death.

The Author

Murray Bailey got his first taste of success when he was published in the Times at 18. He also had articles published in his local newspaper. Although he went on to pursue a different career, he continued to write and became the editor of an international magazine and editor of 4 technical books.

His first work of fiction, I Dare You, was published in 2016. He has a series set around ancient Egypt (starting with Map of the Dead) and another set in 1950s Singapore.

Born in Manchester, England, Murray now lives on the South Coast with his wife and family.

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