05 October 2022

The Book Club


By C. J. Cooper
Psychological Thriller


Lucy has upped sticks and moved from London's hustle and bustle to a quiet village in the Cotswolds. She's made new friends and is starting to feel settled. Then Alice moves into the house next door. She ingratiates herself with Lucy's friends and is very manipulative. At their book club meetings Lucy gets the distinct feeling Alice holds a grudge against her. But who is Alice really and why is Lucy the focus of her animosity?

This is one of those books that gradually introduces the reader to the main characters and their individual stories. Everyone has something to hide and Alice is determined to stir the pot. 

I had difficulty connecting with the group of friends as no one seemed particularly likeable, although I think Tom was my favourite. The pacing was good but I felt the story wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped. I enjoyed it as a quick, easy read but it isn't one that stands out.


  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Constable
  • Publication Date: 1st October 2020
  • Author: C. J. Cooper
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller


The book club was her idea, of course.

It was her way into our group. A chance to get close.

I knew from the day she arrived that she couldn't be trusted.

And I was right.

Alice didn't come to the village for peace and quiet.

She came for revenge.

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