10 January 2023

We Can See You

By Simon Kernick


Brook Connor is a high-profile life-coach and author. Her husband Logan is a tennis coach. They live in a beautiful Californian house with Logan's 5-year-old daughter, Paige, from a previous marriage. When Brook returns home one day to an empty house, she discovers a note informing her Paige has been kidnapped and not to involve the police because "we can see you". After a ransom exchange goes horribly wrong, it becomes a race against time to locate Paige and bring her safely home.

I was surprised to find the book has an American setting (the author is British) and admit to wondering if I was going to like it. I do find the American 'right to keep and bear arms' culture off-putting and alien to me as a British person. However, I was very pleasantly surprised — it turned out to be fast-paced and had a good plot. Although a little far-fetched in parts, it was a great read.

There were some excellent twists and turns but I did feel disappointed that the titular 'We Can See You' aspect didn't feature more prominently. I liked Brook's character and how she was portrayed as a strong female having overcome tragedy earlier in life. As I mentioned, although not quite what I expected, it was entertaining with some adrenaline-fuelled moments.


  • Paperback: 392 pages
  • Publisher: Arrow
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Author: Simon Kernick
  • Genre: Thriller



You have it all. Success, a beautiful home, a happy family. Until, in a heartbeat, it's gone.

We've kidnapped your daughter, and we know everything about you. Including the dark secrets from your past you thought were forgotten.

We tell you not to contact the police - and that we'll know if you do. Because we can see you.

And now you know this is no ordinary abduction. It's worse. Within hours you're on the run, with only one thought in your head:

That you will stop at nothing to get your daughter back.

Even murder...

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