17 March 2023

Blood and Treachery


By JD Kirk


When a hill walker goes missing, Glencoe Mountain Rescue are called in to search. They find a body; although it's not the person they were looking for. DCI Jack Logan and his team are given the job of identifying the dead man and discovering the circumstances surrounding his murder.     

Blood and Treachery is the forth book in this excellent crime series. I love the mix of tragedy and humour contained within each story. As with the previous three books, the plot is immersive with plenty of twists and turns. The characters are fully developed and work well together — their camaraderie and banter is excellent. Once again JD Kirk has hit the nail on the head and written a multifaceted, cracking story. I look forward to reading book five.      


  • Paperback: 332 pages
  • Publisher: Zertex Crime
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Author: JD Kirk
  • Genre: Crime


How far would you go to bury the truth?

While searching for a missing hill walker, Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team uncovers a body - just not the one they were looking for.

Still dealing with the fallout from their last case, DCI Jack Logan and his team venture south from Inverness to investigate a brutal, gangland-style execution in the wilds of the Highland countryside.

As the victim's dark secrets are gradually revealed, Jack uncovers the rot lurking beneath the stunning scenery, making himself the target of a criminal more dangerous than any he has faced before.

If he isn't careful, it won't just be a murder he's dealing with in Glencoe.

It'll be a massacre.

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