30 March 2023

The Devil Will Come


By Glenn Cooper


A 2023 Top Rated Read

Whilst working in Rome's ancient catacombs, young archaeologist Elisabetta Celestino discovers astrological symbols on an underground wall. Convinced she'll find proof of the existence of an unknown Christian sect in an adjoining chamber, she's devastated when the Vatican pulls the plug on her excavations. 

Ten years later a minor earthquake causes a cave-in at the catacombs where Elisabetta previously worked. Now a nun after giving up archaeology, her old university professor is keen to show her what's been discovered — a mass grave containing the remains of eighty-five adults and twelve children. Horrifyingly each skeleton possesses a bony tail.

What follows is a race to solve the secret of the catacombs; set against the background of the election of a new Pope. Can Elisabetta prevent an apocalyptic catastrophe that threatens mankind?

What a fantastic story! The mix of history combined with the present day made it a thoroughly immersive read. The author has created a spectacular book by interweaving the past with the present using real characters from history. It really was an impressive read. I sometimes find switching between timelines can be somewhat 'clunky' but in this case it flowed seamlessly. I thought it was exciting, fast-paced and incredibly imaginative. One of my favourite reads this year.       


Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Arrow
Publication Year: 2011
Author: Glenn Cooper
Genre: Thriller


A terrifying secret.

A shocking discovery has been made deep within Rome's ancient catacombs. One that the Vatican is determined must never be made public - for the sake of all mankind.

A deadly conspiracy.

But there are others who want to keep the truth hidden for far more sinister reasons, others who believe that not only are the church and the faith of a billion at threat, but life as we know it is about to be destroyed - for ever. And only one woman - a young Italian nun - can save us...

The nightmare is about to begin.

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