07 November 2023

The Second Sister


By Claire Kendal


It's been 10 years since Ella's elder sister Miranda vanished, leaving behind her baby boy. With the police investigation all but closed, Ella decides to take matters into her own hands. Her attention focuses on serial killer Jason Thorne who is serving a life sentence at Her Majesty's pleasure. Is it possible Miranda could also have been one of his victims?

At times an incredibly chilling read, psychopath Jason Thorne toying with Ella was extremely disturbing and brilliantly executed. Yet other parts were jumbled and difficult to follow — Ella often talking inwardly to her missing sister whilst conversing with other characters became confusing. Also, I thought the book was overly wordy and could have benefitted from being shorter. 

I enjoyed the story although it was definitely a slow burner. The relationship between Ella and her young nephew was touching and emotional; their close bond formed from the loss of a sister and a mother. Overall a good read but bogged down by repetition. 


  • Paperback: 470 pages
  • Publisher: Harper
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Author: Claire Kendal
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller


A decade ago, Ella Brooke's older sister, Miranda, vanished without a trace. With every passing year, Ella has come to resemble more closely the sister she lost--the same dark hair, the same piercing blue eyes--and now she's the same age Miranda was when she disappeared.

Ella has never let go of her sister. She can still feel Miranda's presence, still hear her voice. She still talks to her. What holds Ella together is her love for her sister's ten-year-old son and her work as a self-defence expert helping victims.

Ella is certain that Miranda was taken, and that one man is key to her disappearance: Jason Thorne. The tabloids report that a new link has been found connecting Miranda to this sadistic serial killer locked away in a psychiatric hospital. Ignoring warnings from the police and the disapproval of her parents, she seeks Thorne out. Ella will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth--no matter how dangerous...

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