12 December 2023

The Drift


By C. J. Tudor


A 2023 Top Rated Read

A pandemic has swept across the world and normal rules of society no longer apply. Every person is fighting a daily battle for survival. . . . 

Meg awakens with a group of strangers suspended high up a mountain in a broken-down cable car. It's freezing cold and she doesn't know why she's there. Furthermore, rescue is unlikely and no one has any food or water.  

Hannah's bus has crashed on a treacherous icy road and lies partially buried in a snowdrift. She was travelling with students to a place of safety known as The Retreat. Several have died in the crash and others may be infected. The emergency exits have been sabotaged and there's a bomb on board. Time is quickly running out. 

Carter lives and works at The Retreat. Along with a few others, he helps maintain the building's security from 'the infected' (or 'Whistlers') lurking outside. But when a couple of his co-workers are found dead and the power generator starts to fail, they are no longer as secure as they once were.

The Drift was beyond excellent — it was incredible! The suspense had me insanely gripped to the point where my real life no longer existed (lol). It was so cleverly constructed, with the three threads fitting together in such a way that my jaw literally hit the floor. OH YES, THIS WAS THE BOOK I NEEDED FOR A LONG TIME! An adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster that delivered in abundance. C. J. Tudor rocks!


  • Paperback: 410 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Author: C. J. Tudor
  • Genre: Dystopian, Horror, Thriller


Survival is murder . . .
An overturned coach full of students. All of them are trapped.
An isolated chalet full of friends. Soon they'll be enemies.
A stranded cable car full of strangers. One of them is dead.

Outside, a snowstorm rages.
Inside each group, a killer lurks.
But that's not their only problem.

Why is no rescue coming? What are they trying to escape from? And who are the terrifying Whistlers?

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