About Me

📚 Welcome to my blog 📚

I'm Lynne and I'd like to welcome you to my blog. My love of reading began in 1983 when, as a teenager, I was given Graham Masterton's The Pariah as a gift. I was instantly hooked and my addiction to fiction began.  

My working background is in the British media industry where I was employed for over two decades at a Media Monitoring and Press Clippings business. Through my working experience I fully understand the impact publicity and reviews can have upon reaching a wider audience. Since relocating to a different part of the UK in 2009, I now own a small business and am self-employed.

The books I read and review come from a number of different sources including contacts within the publishing world, advance copies from specialist reviewer websites, those offered to me through my blog and books I've purchased myself.

Please read my Review Policy as there are some genres I don't review.

Due to an extensive review list, I'm currently unable to accept new submissions.