10 February 2020


Photo of the book cover of Endgame by Daniel Cole

By Daniel Cole

Paperback 352 pages
Publisher Trapeze (23rd Jan 2020)

'Exciting.' Linwood Barclay

📕My Review

Endgame is the final book in the Ragdoll trilogy and sees the return of disgraced detective William 'Wolf' Fawkes. I felt this final installment was less edgy than its predecessors but nonetheless very enjoyable.

The love-hate chemistry between Detective Emily Baxter and charismatic but flawed Wolf is reignited as they investigate the apparent suicide of retired colleague Finlay Shaw inside a locked room. Convinced that Shaw wouldn't kill himself — he loved his wife Maggie far too much to leave her on her own — it becomes a near impossible task proving what really happened and how the present day is connected to events from 1979.

Endgame, and, in fact, the whole trilogy is exceptionally well-written. Characters are gritty and real. The plot races ahead with an abundance of twists and turns to keep the reader immersed. There are plenty of humorous exchanges that really are laugh-out-loud funny and elevate the book to another level.

I'd strongly advise reading Ragdoll and Hangman before attempting Endgame, as the story relies heavily on events from the first two books; as does character development. It really is an excellent, gripping series. 

Book Source: Review copy from the publisher
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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📗The Blurb

A locked room. A dead body. A secret that went to the grave.

When retired police officer Finlay Shaw is found dead in a locked room, everyone thinks it's suicide. But disgraced detective William 'Wolf' Fawkes isn't so sure.

Together with his former partner Detective Emily Baxter and private detective Edmunds, Wolf's team begin to dig into Shaw's early days on the beat. Was Shaw as innocent as he seemed? Or is there more to his past than he'd ever let on?

But not everyone wants Wolf back - and as his investigation draws him ever deeper into police corruption, it will not only be his career on the line - but the lives of those he holds closest as well...

📘The Author

Photo of Daniel Cole
Daniel Cole has worked as a paramedic, an RSPCA officer and most recently for the RNLI, driven by an intrinsic need to save people or perhaps just a guilty conscience about the number of characters he kills off in his writing.

He currently lives in sunny Bournemouth and can usually be found down the beach when he ought to be writing book two instead.

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