28 July 2020

Fifteen, Back When

By Jeffrey Warren
Romance | Adventure | Young Adult

My Review

Fifteen, Back When tells the captivating story of American teenager Brett taking his first tentative steps into young adulthood. When a traumatic event at home leaves his future uncertain, Brett waves goodbye to childhood friends and embarks on a solo sailing adventure. Along the way he encounters Molly, with whom he forms an instant bond. The two become inseparable and find themselves falling in love.

I thought Fifteen, Back When was utterly delightful. It takes the reader back to simpler times when school holidays were spent outdoors exploring and getting up to mischief. Although set in America, and myself being British, I still found the story relatable. 

The author's writing flowed beautifully and it was a pleasure to read. Although a relatively short novel, the characters were given enough depth that I felt a strong connection. 

This is a coming of age story with adult issues that are handled sensitively and respectfully. I thought it was charming, exceptionally well-written and extremely enjoyable.                  

Book Source: Review copy from the author
My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: SpectrumNW; 1 edition (2nd Mar 2018)

The Blurb

A Story for All Ages – Fifteen and Up

It was the summer of 1959, after a difficult year of High School. Brett said goodbye to his friends, left his family problems behind, and embarked on a solo adventure. Then he met her.

A touching story of ‘how we were’ filled with teenage angst, courage, overcoming adversity, and intertwined with friendship and first love.

The Author

Jeffrey Warren is a retired Professional Engineer and longtime entrepreneur having founded, operated and sold four businesses from aircraft design and manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, software architecture with database applications to an RV park.

He is the author of several technical, non-fiction papers and books. He began writing fiction for a family audience during an interlude between companies. His first published work was an illustrated collection of musings and short stories entitled, Stages of Life.

An avid sailor, he lives with his wife, eight horses, a donkey, and rescue dog Scout, on a mountain ranch in Idaho. He has followed a lifelong belief that wherever the wind may blow, you will find opportunity and gain valuable experience.

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