30 July 2020

Just Like the Other Girls

By Claire Douglas
Psychological Thriller

My Review

When Una starts a new job as a companion to a wealthy elderly lady, she's excited and full of hope for the future. It'll allow her to save up enough money to go travelling — something she'd dreamed of doing before her mother became terminally ill and passed away. However, the job doesn't turn out to be quite what she'd expected but determined to make the most of it she forges ahead. 

Una soon discovers not only were previous companions young, female and pretty but they also bore a striking resemblance to herself — and met with untimely deaths. As she delves a little deeper she becomes convinced something sinister is happening inside the house. Can she uncover the truth or will she end up just like the other girls?

I immediately know when I pick up a Claire Douglas novel that I'm in for a treat. This book was no exception. With excellent characterisation, a fast-moving plot and red herrings aplenty, I was instantly transported into Una's world. Part way through, BAM! — the most unexpected twist happens. It really was a great read.

Book Source: Review copy from the publisher 
My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Penguin (6th Aug 2020)

The Blurb




Una Richardson is devastated after the death of her mother. Hoping for a fresh start, she responds to an advertisement and steps into the rich, comforting world of elderly Mrs Elspeth McKenzie.

But Elspeth's home is not as safe as it seems.

Kathryn, her cold and bitter daughter, resents Una's presence. More disturbing is the evidence suggesting two girls lived here before.

What happened to the girls?

Why will the McKenzies not talk about them?

As the walls close in around her, Una fears she'll end up just like the other girls . . .

The Author

Claire Douglas has worked as a journalist for fifteen years writing features for women's magazines and national newspapers, but she's dreamed of being a novelist since the age of seven. She finally got her wish after winning the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award, with her first novel, THE SISTERS. She lives in Bath with her husband and two children.

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