20 February 2023

The Nemesis Touch


By F.R. Jameson


When a London lawyer coughs up his own heart onto a bathroom floor, supernatural investigators Ludo Carstairs and Michael Garris are brought in by the police. It soon becomes evident this is the work of a cunning serial killer who possesses other-worldly powers. His evil intent is to murder five people across five days. Further investigation shows he's responsible for similar murders around the world. Have Carstairs and Garris met their match or will they be able to put an end to his killing spree once and for all?

Well, this was a different read for sure! With engaging lead characters and a formidable adversary, I enjoyed it very much. The supernatural element offered an unusual slant which I thought was great. I'm more used to reading grisly crime and tense psychological thrillers so this book was a welcome change. With excellent writing and good pacing my interest was held throughout. A very impressive start to the series.


  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Author: F.R. Jameson
  • Genre: Thriller, Horror


One touch will doom your whole life!

A London lawyer coughs up his own still beating heart onto a bathroom floor. It’s a death far too strange for the police to handle, so two supernatural investigators – Ludo Carstairs and Michael Garris – are called in. But even they have never seen the like before.

It soon becomes horribly clear that there’s a serial killer loose in the city. One who’s gone on sprees elsewhere in the world, and always murders five people across five days. Nemesis is the name he goes by, and all he has to do is brush his fingers down a person’s skin to curse them to a brutal death.

There’s a man in London who Nemesis is hunting. An individual who’s known the killer a long time, and has drawn him to the city. When Ludo Carstairs reaches him though, he’s been horribly slain. However, does this dead man still possess the key to stopping this terrifying rampage?

The first victims are down, which means the clock is ticking fast. Ludo Carstairs is on the case, yet can even his mastery of the uncanny stop these slayings before they reach their bloody conclusion?

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