05 March 2023

Homicide Herault


By Bluette Matthey


Hardy Durkin is in the South of France escorting a bike tour group around Béziers during the Feria festival. Close to a river he comes across the remains of two long-dead soldiers; identified by dog tags around their necks. He calls in his two friends from the French Foreign Legion. Then another murder occurs, this time during a flamenco performance at the Feria. Hardy is determined to figure out who is responsible and why.

Although part of a series, Homicide Herault works equally well as a standalone novel. There's plenty of local history, culture and politics contained within its pages and it's all very interesting. The author has certainly done her research and is incredibly knowledgeable on all topics. I felt completely immersed in the landscape, cuisine and festivals. 

I normally read gritty British crime thrillers but found the gentler pacing and less brutal descriptions of murder a welcome change. Mixing an historical cold case with a present day killing worked well. Overall, an enjoyable and entertaining read.


  • Paperback: 199 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Shutter Publishing
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Author: Bluette Matthey
  • Genre: Crime/Mystery


Veteran trekker Hardy Durkin leads his first bike tour group to Béziers in the South of France, during its annual grand Feria, for what is expected to be relaxing, uneventful bicycling in the Hérault region. This notion is kicked to the curb when a double cold-case with present-day repercussions is discovered on one of the group’s outings. Hardy becomes embroiled in another homicide when he is present at a murder that takes place during an innocent flamenco performance that is anything but.

The bottom line: murder and intrigue follow Hardy Durkin like a shadow, even in the sunny, laid-back South of France, but this time his wheel of fortune veers uncomfortably off the rails in Homicide Hérault.

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