30 January 2024

The Villa


By Ruth Kelly


When disillusioned celebrity-gossip journalist Laura goes undercover on new reality show The Villa, she has no idea of the nightmare awaiting her. Whisked off to a paradise island in the sun, the show is streamed 24/7 and rapidly gains a worldwide following. Disturbingly, the viewers get to decide what happens to the contestants. 

Things soon spiral out of control and Laura realises she's in grave danger. But there's no escape — she's trapped on the island for seven days until the show concludes. All ten contestants have hidden secrets and they'll do anything to win the prize money. . .

Being familiar with reality tv shows such as Big Brother and Married at First Sight, I was quickly sucked in to The Villa. With back-stabbing contestants and a fast-paced plot, I loved the unyielding sinister undercurrent. Not knowing what was really going on and why kept me in suspense and energetically turning pages. The author captured the essence of reality tv and gave it a fabulous super-charged twist of dark and deadly. I thought it was a very exciting read.     


  • Paperback: 426 pages
  • Publisher: Pan
  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Author: Ruth Kelly
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller


It’s destined to be the ultimate reality TV show. Ten contestants. A luxurious villa on a private island. Every moment streamed live to a global audience who have total control over those competing for the cash prize.

Reporter Laura is told to get the inside scoop on her fellow contestants. But once the games begin, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a ruthless producer willing to do anything to increase viewer numbers.

There is more to every contestant than meets the eye, including Laura. They all have secrets they’d like to keep buried, and the pressure in paradise quickly reaches boiling point. How far will the contestants go to secure audience votes? And would somebody really kill to win?

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