24 February 2024

The Prisoner of Acre

By Murray Bailey

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A 2024 Top Rated Read

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Murray Bailey's The Prisoner of Acre. I'm delighted to share my thoughts on this thrilling read.

April 1949. When Sergeant Alfred Duffy goes AWOL from his garrison in Cyprus, he makes his way to Israel where he hands himself in to Acre Prison. SIB investigator Captain Ash Carter is assigned the task of travelling to Acre to collect Duffy from prison. But upon arrival Carter discovers Duffy and his cellmate, a notorious gangster, have escaped. A frantic search ensues across many locations as Carter tries to piece together what's going on. Set against a backdrop of high-tension between the Jews, Arabs and British, Carter's mission leads him into perilous danger; his life hanging in the balance.

Whenever I read an Ash Carter book I feel as though I'm catching up with an old friend. Very different from my usual reads, I enjoy them immensely. The Prisoner of Acre transports the reader to Israel in 1949. The author's remarkable knowledge of the area's geography and politics, together with his vivid descriptions, kept me fully immersed. I felt as though I'd been teleported from the present and deposited straight into 1949. I know I'm reading a fantastic book when day-to-day life becomes inconsequential. 

I enjoyed the mix of fictional characters with real life locations and events. Ash Carter is a fantastic protagonist with an unswerving sense of justice. He'll go to extreme lengths to catch the bad guys. The Prisoner of Acre was a gripping read — great characters, fast-paced action, excitement and thrills galore. I can't wait for the next book!                     


  • Publisher: Three Daggers
  • Publication Year: 2024
  • Author: Murray Bailey
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, War & Military, Historical Fiction


Ash Carter returns to Israel on what should be a straightforward mission. However there is a mystery. Why did Alfred Duffy go AWOL from the British Army, go to Israel and then hand himself in at Acre Prison.

The mystery deepens when Carter finds that Duffy escaped just as he arrived.

The hunt begins but as the mystery unravels towards an exciting climax, it becomes unclear who is the hunter and who the hunted.

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