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Dominic Adler - The Saint Jude Rules
Marc Alexander - Ghoul
Richard Allan - The Big Catch
Fred Anderson - Charnel House
Brett Arquette - Operation Hail Storm 
Timothy Ashby - In Shadowland

Jonathan Ballagh - The Quantum Door, The Quantum Ghost
Jeremy Bates - Black Canyon, Box of Bones 
Belinda Bauer - Snap
Chantal Bellehumeur - Just.Another.Common.Killer
Mark M. Bello - Betrayal of Justice
Michael Bernhart - How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive
William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist
Thomas Booker - The Persian Woman 
Clare Boyd - Little Liar
C.L. Brees - An Unsettled Past 

Kevin Cady - A Solitary Awakening
Helen Callaghan - Everything is Lies
C. J. Carmichael - Buried
Elisabeth Carpenter - 99 Red Balloons
Chris Carter - The Caller
Gabrielle Charbonnet - Crazy House 
Christopher John Chater - Aquarius Rising
Kevin Chilvers - Inca Poison
Stephen Clark - Citizen Kill
Daniel Cole - RagdollHangman
Nicholas Conley - Pale Highway
Amy Cross - The Cabin

Lucy Dawson - The Daughter 
Bryant Delafosse - The Mall 
Claire Douglas - Do Not Disturb
Matt Drabble - The Last Resort, The Montague Portrait
C. J. Dubois - The Tyre 
Bryan Dunn - Thaw 
Jonathan Dunsky - The Dead Sister

Daniel Eagleton - The Sweet Oil of Vitriol
Mark Edwards - The Devil's Work 
Philip C. Elrod - Uncle Herbert
Amy Engel - The Roanoke Girls

A. J. Finn - The Woman in the Window
Andy Fitz - A Wolf Like Me
Lucy Foley - The Hunting Party

Claire Gem - Spirits of the Heart
David Gibbins - Testament 
Marci Giebels - Legacy
C.D. Gill - On Wings of an Avalanche
Christopher Golden - Ararat
Kathryn Meyer Griffith - Dinosaur Lake 
Colin Griffiths - A Life For A Life, Underwood
Elly Griffiths - The Stranger Diaries 
K. R. Griffiths - Adrift 2: Sundown 
Michael C. Grumley - Breakthrough 

Michael R. Hagan - Demiurge: Blood of the Innocent 
Adam Hamdy - Pendulum
Karen Hamilton - The Perfect Girlfriend
K. Hanson - The Azrael Initiative 
Mo Hayder - Pig Island 
Samantha Hayes - The Reunion
John A. Heldt - Indiana Belle
Greer Hendricks - The Wife Between Us
Paul Holbrook - Memento Mori
Gail Honeyman - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Cara Hunter - Close to HomeIn the Dark
E. C. Huntley - The Tyre


Ed James - The Hope That Kills 
Hadena James - Tortured Dreams 
Jonathan Janz - Children of the Dark, Exorcist Road
Louise Jensen - The Date
Lisa Jewell - Watching You 
William W. Johnstone - Bats, Cat's Cradle

Lesley Kara - The Rumour
David Kennedy - Costa Brava
Kevin J. Kennedy - You Only Get One Shot
J. Robert Kennedy - Depraved Difference 
Simon Kernick - The Hanged ManSevered
Charlie King - The Lyons Orphanage
Dean Koontz - The Taking, The Silent Corner
Axel Kruze - Love is Rich in Both Honey and Venom

Susan Laffoon - Can't Buy Forever 
Shari Lapena - An Unwanted GuestThe Couple Next Door
Simon Lelic - The HouseThe Liar's Room
Arjay Lewis - The Muse
Andrew Linke - The Staff of Moses 
Howard Linskey - The Chosen Ones
Amy Lloyd - The Innocent Wife
Phoebe Locke - The Tall Man
Loren Lockner - Heart of Africa 
J.T. Lomasney - Deep 
Sarah Lotz - The White Road
Kfir Luzzatto - Exodus '95
Matt Lynn - Bad Intentions

Josh Malerman - Bird Box 

Scott Mariani - The Cassandra Sanction, The Forgotten Holocaust, The Mozart Conspiracy
Carol James Marshall - Starburst #1 (Women of the Grey)
Michael McCloskey - The Trilisk Ruins
Jan McDonald - The Crowsmoor Curse
Chris McGeorge - Guess Who
John Meany - In The Fog
William Meikle - Samurai, The Chamber of Tiamat
Dennis Meredith - Wormholes
J.C. Michael - You Only Get One Shot
M.J. Moore - Little Treasures
William Casey Moreton - The Search
Phoebe Morgan - The Doll House
Sam Mortimer - Screams the Machine
Anthony Mosawi - Trust No One
Ben Muse - Killing Chase


Fiona Neill - The Betrayals

Beth Orsoff - Game Changer

James Oswald - No Time To Cry
Susan Ottaway - Dambuster: The Life of Guy Gibson VC

Christopher C. Page - George The Janitor
Jason Parent - A Life Removed
B A Paris - Bring Me Back
Adele Parks - I Invited Her In
James Patterson - Crazy House
Sarah Pekkanen - The Wife Between Us
Robert Penfold - Climate Control
Karen Perry - Your Closest Friend
Sarah Pinborough - Cross Her Heart
Clabe Polk - Schism
Michael Pronko - The Last Train
Robert Pruneda - Locust
Vasily Pugh - Basically Frightened


Iveta RΔ“dliha - The Steps
Katy Regnery - Frosted
Douglas E. Richards - Quantum Lens
Michelle Richmond - The Marriage Pact
Lloyd F. Ritchey - The Kellsburg Vampire
Aline Riva - The Body in the Wall

Michelle Sacks - The Dark Path

Brian Sellars - Tuppenny Hat Detective
Dominic Selwood - The Apocalypse Fire
Tina Seskis - The Honeymoon
Lokesh Sharma & Anubhav Sharma - Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance #1)
Demetrius Sherman - Dark Hunger
Adam J. Simpson - Revenants Awake
Eddie Skelson - Winter Falls
Robert Skuce - Kiss Of Death
David Slater-Hayselden - Silent Disaster
Avan Judd Stallard - Michel and Henry Go to War
M. L. Stedman - The Light Between Oceans
Lee Stevens - Numb
Craig Stewart - Worship Me
Brhi Stokes - Caligation

Robert E. Taylor - A Breath of Hope

Jo Thomas - The Honey Farm on the Hill
Sean-Paul Thomas - The Old Man and the Princess
Simon Thould - Dark Water
Tim Tigner - Flash
Kit Tinsley - Beneath
S. K. Tremayne - Just Before I Died
C. J. Tudor - The Chalk Man

Antonio Urias - The Alchemist in the Attic


Bob Waldner - The Prophet of Marathon
Jeffrey Warren - Justifiable Homicide
Tim Weaver - You Were Gone 
Jamie Webb - Death Row
Weston Westmoreland - Dawn: Freedom Takes Fight
David Whitehead - The Fluttering
Christopher Wilsher - The Redemption of Charlie McCoy
Greg Wilson - Murder In Paradise
C.J. Wilton - 90 Seconds from Sanity
Ian Wingrove -
Andy Wiseman - Harry's Justice
Richard L. Wiseman - The Assassin Flaw
T.J. & M.L. Wolf - A Gleam of Light
David Wood - Dourado

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